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Preschool construction project 2023 - 24

Our French preschool class buzzed with talk about all the big construction projects going on around town, with special attention to a bridge being rebuilt right near their classroom windows. Teachers noticed them exploring building and motion, so set up a few provocations in the classroom to test their interest.


As students built, teachers documented their storytelling, observations, and creations to help build on their learning in the following weeks.

"Let's make a house out of it!"

"Ici c'est la porte (here is the door)."

"I wanted it a little taller. Now it's le feu ! Ma maison est ici (the fire. My house is here)."


The preschoolers were given access to magazines like Architectural Digest and Fine Woodworking alongside photos of their previous work in exploring construction with loose parts. They showed continued interest in building and especially in creating ramps and tall structures.


As interest in construction grew, teachers invited in experts from the fields of architecture and construction to teach the children about real tools used in designing and building houses.


Given plenty of chances to practice using tools, the children gained notable confidence and competence in speaking about and doing real work constructing.

Soon enough, they had come up with and voted on a plan - they were going to construct a house of their own with a ramp coming out of it!

IMG_0646 2.JPG

With the help of our construction experts in finalizing blueprints and milling the lumber, the children got to work constructing the new permanent addition to their classroom.

IMG_0284 2.jpeg

The only thing left do do now? Enjoy it for years to come!


In this project, our preschoolers learned countless new skills and techniques in all of the major realms of development. Some of those are listed here:

They learned emergent math skills, early literacy skills, and planning through their work on blueprinting, measuring, and construction.

They had lots of practice with both fine and gross motor skills in physically building their new playhouse.

They learned teamwork, negotiation, and cooperation in working together to plan and create the project, in voting on ideas, and in convincing others of their desired outcomes.

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