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  • Why would someone want to learn a new language?
    The answer to this question depends on the person! While many people may want to learn how to get by in a new language because of travel or even moving to an area where the language is used, some people may want to learn it just to be able to speak with more people in our very own Treasure Valley. Others may find it interesting to learn about another culture, or may want to be able to enjoy literary classics in their original form. One of the most useful parts of becoming proficient in another language doesn't even have to do with what most people think of as language-related at all: to improve brain function! Studies show that proficiently bilingual people excel at all sorts of things like math, scientific thought, and problem solving. This is likely because learning another language physically "rewires" the brain to allow a person to think more flexibly about problems. Languages each approach symbolizing concepts in different ways, so some ideas easily expressed in one language are very difficult to even communicate in another. Most of our higher thought processes require language (symbolic representation) to even comprehend.
  • How do I choose the right course?
    We encourage you to book a tour with one of our founders on the Tours page—we'll help guide you to the right level of learning for you. Or, sign up for one of our private classes for the most personalized approach!
  • Is there such thing as "too old" to learn a new language?"
    No! While learning multiple languages is easiest in early childhood when the brain is actively developing, people of any age are able to become proficient in a new language. It just takes practice and immersion in the new (or "target") language!
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