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 After-school language immersion 

Give your elementary student a new passion

Our elementary learners after-school program runs from 3-6pm, Monday-Friday, during the regular school year. On in-service days the program is open 9am-6pm, half-days from 12pm-6pm. We're excited to offer full-day service on our neighbor Sage International School's closure dates for an additional fee, meaning we are open for full-day service on Fridays and during their fall, winter, and spring breaks that don't align with Boise School District closures.

Currently available in French or Spanish immersion settings with planned curriculum mixed with open-ended learning and play time. Afternoon snack provided.

Looking for language immersion for younger students?


While a language can be learned at any age, the earlier you start, the easier it is! While pre-K language immersion is not available at Suntree Language Academy, there are high-quality local options! Our sister program, Le Soleil School, offers infant, toddler, and preschool learning in a French immersion setting. Plus, your family gets priority enrollment in our program as a graduate of Le Soleil! Learn more on their website.

  We use the Sawyer® app to schedule and enroll after-school care.  
  Selecting a class below will open a new page on that site.  

* After-school care requires a $25 registration fee per school year.

Looking for pickup from a different elementary school? Let us know; we're happy to talk about adding options.

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