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 Language immersion preschool 

Want more info?

Select "Preschool approach" from the Preschool dropdown menu to find out more! Scroll down on this page to join our enrollment pool.

Already in the lottery pool at Le Soleil French School for Children?


Good news! Families of children 3 and older who are in Le Soleil's lottery pool will be automatically eligible to join our pool here at a discount. Our preschool program is inspired and informed by that of our sister program.

Hours of operation


Suntree Language Academy's preschool program is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 5:15pm. Please plan to drop off by 9am to ensure your preschooler can participate in our planned curriculum! We do not offer half-day programming, but you are free to pick up your preschooler at any time before closing.

Vaccination policy


For the safety of our school community, Suntree requires that our students be up-to-date on the Idaho immunization schedule. We do not accept exemptions to this policy except in cases where a specific vaccine cannot be taken for a medical reason, which must be verified by a licensed physician.



Suntree Language Academy is committed to fair wages for hard work, and we do our best to balance this commitment with accessibility for as many families as possible.

Dress code


Suntree's preschoolers wear uniform tops or dresses every day but Friday, which helps encourage focus on the work and play at hand. Appropriate bottoms include pants or shorts and closed-toed shoes. More information on dress code is available in our family handbook at enrollment time.

See our uniforms page (coming soon) for sizing and styles.

Food policy


Suntree doesn't have a kitchen on-site, so we ask that families provide lunch for their children. In order to make that easier, we give each family an insulated lunchbox as part of their enrollment. Enrolled families can order backup/extra lunchboxes from us at our wholesale price.

We provide healthy, adventurous afternoon snacks as part of tuition, and our preschoolers serve themselves to build confidence and competence.

*If a child enrolls with severe allergies, we may limit what can be sent for lunch.

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